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Big Lick

3 Juicy Hand Chicken Tenders served with fries,Cajun corn bite and a side of our signature OG Lick Sauce


Lick Tacos

2 Tortilla filled tacos with Chicken Tenders, garnished purple cabbage, tomatoes and drizzled with 3 signature sauces: OG Lick, Avocado Ranch, & Lick Cheese. Served with Fries

Lick Salad

Freshly chopped salad blend of spring mix, romaine & iceberg lettuce, topped with Breaded Chicken bites, tomatoes, red onions, bacon crumbles & shredded cheese blend.

Made fresh daily

Loaded Lick Fries

Premium cut Fries topped with chicken bites, mozzarella & cheddar cheese, smoked bacon crumbs, drizzled with OG Lick and Avocado Ranch


Set it Off

Our classic Chicken Sandwich topped with pickles and OG Lick Sauce, served on a buttery bun.

Served with Fries

Fried Cajun Corn

Hand Breaded Fried Corn with signature seasoning & OG Lick Sauce & Avocado Ranch.

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